Recording the soundtrack for another film some time in 2012. Photo Supersaurus Japan

The somewhat limited information we have had about Aimi Kobayashi in 2012 suggests that she may be rethinking her future career path, as they say, and in the current school year (2012-13) she will be concentrating on her academic studies at the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo. She is 17 (and will be until 23 September 2013). Whether she will emerge from this year with a reinvigorated desire to continue piano study full time is anyone’s guess.

For this and other reasons I have removed most of the old material on these pages. What remains is what I began with — the record of her remarkable childhood and early teen achievements; these are listed chronologically in my catalog of her performance videos that follows on the next three pages. After that there are some archived pages from the old site.

“Aimi” is pronounced “I-me”, with the “I” pronounced the way we say the first person singular pronoun “I” in English. The name is a combination of two Chinese characters meaning “love” (ai) and “fruit” or “a dream comes true” (mi) and is rendered by Google translators as “Real love”. So maybe the closest meaning is True Love. Kobayashi is a Japanese name meaning a small wood.


I am grateful to Patrick Tabet, Christina Shatuho, Tom Wierzbicki, and Ichiro Takahashi for their valuable help with these pages. Hannes Keller and Milou de Mey have shared many interesting thoughts. And Yuko Ninomiya has somehow always found the time to respond engagingly to our emails.

Christina maintains the Aimi Kobayashi Fan’s Channel on YouTube.


Portrait of the Artist

A charming portrait by Margaret Wierzbicka that captures Aimi at the keyboard just perfectly — the flying hair, the feline grace, the infinite care that goes into every note. The painting, entitled Amazing Little Pianist, is acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16", and was completed in August 2010.

A copy of the portrait, printed on to canvas, was presented to Aimi at her Weill Hall recital in New York on April 3rd, 2011 (see on right).


Margarets website is

For a slideshow of this and other paintings

(to rather nice music), see Margaret’s video on YouTube


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